New Phylum?!?

Kent E. Holsinger kent at EEBSUN1.EEB.UCONN.EDU
Thu Dec 14 16:01:13 CST 1995

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Stuchkus <STUCHKUS at GG.CSC.PEACHNET.EDU> writes:

    Dave> An associated asked me the other day about the possible
    Dave> discovery of a new Phylum.  He said the organism was found
    Dave> on the mouth parts of lobsters from the North Atlantic near
    Dave> tNorway?

    Dave> Anyone have info about such?

    Dave> Dave S.  CSC Labs

There is a front page article (continuing into Section B) in today's
New York Times describing this discovery. The paper describing the new
phylum appears in today's issue of _Nature_.

-- Kent

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