Latin pronounciation

Gillis Een kbo-gillis at NRM.SE
Tue Dec 19 09:53:31 CST 1995

When Linaeus visited London he complained bitterly about the way the English
pronounced the Latin lagnuage that they used in their conversation.

When I first visited Britain as a botanist I found it extremely difficult to
understand which species they talked about. The same thing happened to me in
France a few years later.

My pronounciation of English has improved over the years, accent, intonation
etc. Now I find it difficult to apply any other pronounciation than the
English. It would brake the natural flow of the language. The same goes for
the pronounciation of my own name.

Both the French and the English languages are full of latin and greek words
which often, but not always,  have identical spelling but are pronounced
entirely differently. To learn the proper pronounciation is part of learning
the language, which includes the scientific binominals.

Gillis Een
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