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Jorge Santiago-Blay blay at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Feb 1 11:05:09 CST 1995

Februay 1, 1995

Dear Colleagues:

For close to two years I have been successful in amplyfying
DNA from numerous insect orders, incl. Coleoptera.  However,
Scolytids have been a stumbling block.  I have tried several
protocols (hair lysis buffer, chelex, phenol/chloroform)
with rather equivocal results.  I am about to treat them like
plants "dressed" as insects because of the large amount of
secondary chemical they may be carrying (and interfering
with PCR).

Any suggestions (next planned step is CTAB DNA extraction)
greatly appreciated.  Please, answer directly to me:

blay at

Many thanks.

Jorge A. Santiago-Blay

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