Papaipema eryngii (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae)

Everett <D. at <cashatt at MUSEUM.STATE.IL.US>.bitnet> Everett <D. at <cashatt at MUSEUM.STATE.IL.US>.bitnet>
Wed Feb 1 18:12:18 CST 1995

Netters: Please contact me if you have collection records for Papaipema
eryngii Bird, 1917.  This noctuid moth has been listed as endangered in
Illinois, based on occurrences in NE Illinois.  I would like to know if
there are records from other parts of Illinois or from other states.  The
known host plants are Eryngium yuccifolium, E. aquaticum, and Hieracium venosum.

Please respond directly to me!
Everett D. (Tim) Cashatt
Curator of Zoology, Illinois State Museum
phone: 217-782-6689
fax:   217-785-2857
email: cashatt at

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