TDWG Annual Meeting and Symposium

Jacques Rifkind Muisca at AOL.COM
Thu Feb 9 18:09:21 CST 1995

> Dear Rusty:
>     I'd like some more information on the conference in Madrid in
> October...AND on how regional data base efforts (such as SERFIS) may
> interact with TDWG.
>     Later, John Nelson, USCH

>Dear Later, John Nelson,

Thanks for your message and query. I guess I AM rather *rusty* on info
like the meeting you asked about, but most people just call me Neal.
However, since I'm in Hawaii, I'd be interested in finding out more about
that SERFIS database you mentioned. The waves here this time of year are
great (25-30 ft) and the curls at Pipeline and Waimea Bay are awesome.


>Neal Evenhuis

Dear Dr. Bovine Anus (Cowabunga),

Please help me; I am confuse. I am a dip. tourist. My chick is fly, too
(people say she looks good in haltere top... hehheh). This have anything to
do with Syrphids U.S.A.? I hover over here, with my Rusty surfboard and Dr.
Sex's Earwax waiting for this hot curling Italian girl Aloha Pipelini; what

Sorry to be  bandwith with my request but waveform lingo has me "oh so
stoked" as you guys say over there.

Duke Lives! Eddie would go!


Dr. A. Calyptrate Grommet
Center for Intertidal Entomology
Haolewahini, 36
French Tahiti

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