Fieldwork in Borneo

Roland Schultz rschultz at METZ.UNE.EDU.AU
Mon Feb 13 10:52:46 CST 1995

Hi there,
A friend asked me for writting a letter to the discussion list. He hasn't
an e-mail-account. Please reply directly to me.
Thank you.



Dear Madame/Sir,

We are two German entomologists specialising in Lepidoptera: Sesioidae,
Zygaenidae, Psychidae, Ercottidae and Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea.
Our intention is to undertake concerted fieldwork in Borneo. If possible,
we would gratefully accept any efforts (informations, contact numbersor
otherwise), which would assist us in this field.
Please feel free to forward any relevant details to the address in the
Many thanks,

Carsten Zorn

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