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Rolf van de Pavert RPVT at CBS.NL
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 Lectori salutem

 The "Rijksherbarium" of Leiden University has an outstanding collection of
 4500 original diagnostic pencil sketches on orchids made by J.J. Smith in the
 first half of the century. Paper is losing its quality fast and there is no
 money to have this collection properly photographed and digitized.
 In Dutch we have a saying "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is
 king" This to put my knowledge of databases in perspective. I have been asked
 (on a strictly non professional basis) if I saw any possibility to organize a
 database to contain this material.
 Is there any expertise pertaining to this kind of project among you ? Any
 advice is enormously appeciated. I have a limited knowledge of computer
 matters and some hardware resources.

 Rolf R. van de Pavert

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