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Sat Feb 18 08:48:10 CST 1995

>From Gene Hess, Department of Ornithology, Delaware Museum of
Natural History, P.O. Box 3937, Wilmington, DE 19807-0937:

     I am interested in the winter distribution of Broad-winged
Hawks.  I have a winter Delaware specimen and plan to publish the
record.  I am interested in determining the northern limits and, if
possible, the extent of casual overwintering.  To that end I am
surveying museums for North American (exclusive of central and
southern Florida) specimens recorded later than 30 September.  Therefore, I
would like to recieve data (locality, date, age, and sex) from your
collection meeting those criteria.  I am also concerned about the
possibility of immature individuals of Broad-winged Hawks and Red-shouldered
Hawks being misidentified.  Could the identity of your immature
Broadwings and Red-shoulders be verified using primary emargination
criteria (i.e. outer 3 emarginate in Broadwings and outer 4 in
     Thank you for your help.  -Gene Hess

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