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Art Souther souther at CS.UTEXAS.EDU
Wed Feb 22 08:57:28 CST 1995

We are interested in applying artificial intelligence techniques to
answer questions about the ecological effects of global warming.  We are
exploring a project which would combine and utilize databases from
several different area.

A first step for us is locating online databases that might be used.
We have decided to chose California as our target region, and so are
interested in databases which are relevant to California and have
information on the following areas:

1. plant/animal distributions
2. plant/animal physiological tolerances
3. dispersal rates of plants/animals
3. climate data (temp,rainfall,wind patterns, etc)
4. soil distributions
5. current biomes/plant associations/ecosystem component checklists, etc
6. topographic maps
7. speciation data (rate of speciation, etc)

Thank you very much for any information you can provide.

bruce porter and art souther
department of computer sciences
university of texas
austin, texas  78712
souther at

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