TDWG Annual Meeting and Symposium

Rusty Russell ( MNHBO005 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Tue Feb 7 15:51:10 CST 1995


1995 TDWG Annual Meeting and Symposium
October 4-6, Real Jardin Botanico - CSIC, Madrid, Spain

For additional program information contact either:

Francisco Pando, Vice Chairman
Real Jardin Botanico - CSIC
Plaza de Murillo 2
Madrid, Spain E-28014
email:  pando at
fax:  +34-1-420-0157


TDWG Secretariat
Smithsonian Institution
Department of Botany
Washington, DC  20560, USA
email:  mnhbo005 at
fax:  +1-202-786-2563

Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TWDG):

      Begun in 1985 as an international working group to explore ideas
on standardization and collaboration between major plant taxonomic database
projects, TDWG has since expanded its scope to include all taxonomic database
projects from all biological disciplines.  TDWG is affiliated with the
International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) as the Commission on
Taxonomic Databases and members include institutions and individuals
responsible for biological databases with taxonomic components.  Membership
in TDWG is open to institutions, projects and individuals interested
in participating in TDWG activities.

The mission of TDWG is:
   1) to provide an international forum for biological database projects;
   2) to develop and promote the use of standards; and
   3) to facilitate data exchange

TDWG annual meetings and symposia provide a forum for discussing technical
aspects of taxonomic databases, discussing the form and content of
proposed standards, voting on the adoption of standards, and sharing
information on current developments in taxonomic databases.

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