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David Carmean carmean at SFU.CA
Fri Feb 10 09:45:20 CST 1995

Joe Felsenstein answered a similar question about PAUP on the
classification list-serve, and Gary Noonan asked me to forward his response
to Taxacom.

Sender: "Classification, clustering, and phylogeny estimation"
From: Joe Felsenstein <joe at GENETICS.WASHINGTON.EDU>
Subject:      Re: PAUP for mainframe?
Santiago Reig asked:
> Does anybody know about a PAUP version able to run in a VAX system
> under VMS?
> I can't get D. Swofford's address from the list.

Here is the situation as I understand it, based on conversations
with David.

David does not distribute PAUP.  He has suspended distribution of previous
versions while he finishes a new release.  Nor is he able to answer the huge
volume of inquiries about it which he receives by e-mail and letter.  He is
working on a new release of PAUP, which will be made available for Macintosh,
DOS, and in a source code version for Unix workstations.  It will, when
completed, be distributed by Sinauer Associates of Sunderland, Massachusetts.
Inquiries about its status can be directed by e-mail to publish at
Rumor has it that its price will be in the vicinity of $100.

The new version of PAUP will have improved parsimony methods, plus distance
matrix methods and perhaps likelihood methods.

Some people have inquired whether PAUP is available over the Internet by
anonymous ftp.  It is not, and it is a violation of David's copyright for
anyone to make it available that way.

I sympathize with the frustration of people who are trying to get ahold of
PAUP for their work, and can only suggest that they either be patient or
obtain one of PAUP's competitors. ;-)

Joe Felsenstein, Dept. of Genetics, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195
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>        Many thanks for the helpful information about PAUP. I've been
>flooded with requests that I reply with any information I receive. Would you
>perhaps be willing to put your message onto the general Taxacom mailing? I
>absolutely know that many people are interested. Thanks again.
>        Gary
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