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I'm Julio Molineros.  I'm coursing the fourth year of Biologiacal
Sceinces in the Catholic University, Ecuador.  In reply to your letter
i've got to tell you that the ecuadorian government won't do anything
against the sea cucumber's industry until they find a reason such as a
scintific study in the ecology of this species and in the posibility of
the recovery of the population.  If the found that this study can
garantize them that the sea cucumber will recover after any number of
years they will surely stop this massacre, but I think if they don't find
any hope in the recovery of the species, they won't stop this fact.
If it where possible, it would be very interesting and positive if any
instiution would finance a reseach such as tho one needed in this case to
tell the government that there is more hope in the future of the sea
cucumber than the one expected.
One of the main problems is the huge economical profit this
practice  gives the fishermen.  We need to give them an alternative way
of living, otherwise they won't ever, even if the government tries to
control this, stop fishing sea cucumber.
I agree with you in the matter that it would be very important to send
repies to the government, but this won't make'em stop.
We shoud encourage the biologist to do research in the dissapearing
species, but this should be connected with an economical analysis of the
problem and a study of the possible impact and the possible alternative.

Julio Molineros S-P

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