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Subject: Stratigraphic consistency as an independent assessment of

In the following paper, Huelsenbeck (1994) discusses using fossils as an
independent test of the confidence of a phylogenetic tree.

Huelsenbeck, John P.  1994.  Comparing the stratigraphic record to estimates
of phylogeny.  Paleobiology  Vol. 20(4):470-483.

(1.)  Has anyone used the program STRATCON that was written by Huelsenbeck?
(2.)  Has anyone tried using Huelsenbeck's Stratigraphic Consistency Index
(SCI) to determine confidence in your phylogenetic estimates?  If you have,
could you please post me your thoughts?
(3.)  Would I be better off using the "stratigraphic character type" in
MacClade 3.01?

I am working on the generic interrelationships of a family of mostly
freshwater fish (Percidae, Order Perciformes, Class Actinopterygii).  I am
using 64 taxa, 19 of the 64 are outgroups, and 4 of the 19 outgroups are
fossil taxa.  Any help or suggestions by the community would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you.
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