Producing images of line drawings for printing

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                                                              27 February 1995

> From: Barry Hammel <hammel at>
> To: md at (Mike Dallwitz)
> I need to scan a bunch of line drawings to ready them into a desktop
> publishing program, reduce them down and print out the book. As far as I can
> understand from your Taxacom message (and what others have told me) I have
> no need for a color scanner, plan to buy a Microtek IIg instead of IIs, thus
> saving 3-400 $. Do I stand to loose line quality by not buying the higher(?)
> resolution color machine? or can simple line drawings be sufficiently
> improved with software as some have suggested?

Some of the information in my previous posting on screen display of line
images is also relevant to this application. The final product will be high-
resolution, black-and-white images, rather than (comparatively) low-
resolution, grey-scale images, but the master images can be prepared in the
same way. (You might eventually want to make INTKEY images from the same

Nowadays, it can be difficult to find out the real resolution of scanners (and
printers). High quoted resolutions are often obtained by interpolation, and I
suspect that this could be done as well (or better) by other software after
scanning. The resolution is determined by the physical size of the smallest
area of the input document that can be sampled. Sharpening of the image by
software produces graininess and jagged edges, and is not a substitute for
good resolution of the scanner.

If the colour scanner really does have higher resolution than the grey-scale
one, it would be worth the difference in cost. You never know when you might
need to get the best possible resolution from a small original. Also, you
might later have a need for colour, even if you don't anticipate it now.

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