Authority Project Clarification

Wed Feb 1 06:42:25 CST 1995

In a post a few hours ago, I asked for information about existing authority
work projects in biological systematics which dealt with classification
or taxon information.  Peter Rauch asked for a clarification.

By 'projects above the level of family' I meant initiatives which track
and record information about published genera, species, subspecies, etc.
(intercalate your favorite ranks) for a large taxonomic group, on
a world, hemispheric or continental scale, e.g. snakes of the world,
insects of the western hemisphere, ferns of Australasia, Scarabaeids of
the neotropics.

We are particularly interested in ongoing, active projects which capture
the usual protologue information (species name, author, place and date of
publication) and possibly related nomenclatural information for each
taxon from the published literature.

At this point we are not attempting to produce an authoritative list of
authorities; we would just like to identify some contacts and contexts
for active taxonomic authority projects so that we might communicate with
the principals about their mission, techniques, work protocols, etc. in
order to better plan the issues to be raised in a future workshop on the
use of authority works in systematics.  I will happy to concatenate the
responses and summarize for the Taxacom list.

Many thanks.



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