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Sabina Swift swift at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Tue Feb 14 09:01:27 CST 1995

On Mon, 13 Feb 1995, Fred Rickson wrote:

> This request is directed at those who might have a room full of specimens
> in jars.  I have reached an age (56) where arthritis in my thumbs is
> beginning to make it very painful to open Bakelite capped specimen jars.
> Even after I bang the lid on a concrete floor it hurts to grip the jar
> top.  So, does anyone out there have a suggestion for some make of "lid
> gripper"?  I have tried one with a smooth plastic strap, but it doesn't
> grip small lids very well, and another which tightens two little metal
> spikes often breaks the lid.  A piece of innertube works, but I still have
> to squeeze the top, and that hurts.
> Well, this is probably an age-dependent question, but any ideas would
> really be appreciated.  Thank you.

Bakelite caps are not the best to use
from my experience here at Bishop.  The smooth surface of Bakelite
makes it very difficult to grasp-twist and its breakability are real
negatives.  Each time we replenish alcohol in our collection, most bakelite
caps are wasted because we have to break them in the process (gently
tapping with handle of screw driver or whatnot).  Now, we are replacing our
bakelite caps with black soft plastic caps with vertical ridges on the cap
rim so they are easy to grab and twist and they don't break. My
other suggestions:  keep your alcoholic collection in very cool environment
to slow down evaporation, which then you can close jars tight but not too
tight that they would be impossible to open.

Hope this helps.  Aloha.

e-mail: swift at bishop.bishop.hawaii.org

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