Taxacom S/N Ratio

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Feb 15 08:05:58 CST 1995

Recent discussions on Taxacom emphasized the noise in the signal-to-noise
ratio or messages. Some also expressed concern about the signal (is there

Taxacom, as _the_ group where one would expect to see discussions about
systematics and biodiversity, I observe that there are quite a few such
discussions in other groups, such as birdchat and the new
amphibiandecline lists. You might argue that it's ok for such
discussions to procede on those lists because while they are founded in
general considerations, they _do_ discuss birds, or amphibians, in
particular. I'd agree, but given all of the organism-specific
discussion lists, this leaves little room for such (systematics and
biodiversity) discussions on Taxacom.

Is this important? Of no consequence (e.g., just read all the other lists)?
Has Taxacom been relegated to a quiet backwater, or to a more narrow,
specialized niche?

I'll cross-post here a couple of messages that recently appeared on birdchat,
which discuss everyone's favorite topic --the species concept, as an example
of what's going on elsewhere.

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