fees for data

Wed Feb 22 08:19:55 CST 1995

Dear Dr. Rauch,
This is in response to an e-mail message we received in late Jan. with
queries about what and how to charge for information. We don't have much
to offer, but Lucinda Mc Dade, the curator here, and myself, decided to
respond by telling you our situation.
We are a land grant institution, therefor part of the system of county
extention agents in Arizona, and we are obligated to supply information
and are not allowed to charge for it. We supply information to the
public, to companies, gov't agencies and to the university. We will
not supply information to concerns designed to profit from the information, as c consulting companies, but will supply them with resources so that the
information is available to them.
Sometimes it is a fine line...we do identify plants for nurseries, but
decided not to take the time to assemble information on weed collections
as asked for by a large agricultural company. Case by case.
Another situation that has just arisen is difficult to assess. We
identified some plants for the Phoenix police in connection with a
murder. I am now being asked to attend the trial as an expert witness.
The police dept. asked me to submit a bill for transportation, room
and meals, and a fee for professional services. Our department says
we can't charge, but I'm left with the option of paying for the trip
myself. No answer yet.
I'm sure we've done little more than add some aspects to your questions.
If you want any other info, please ask.
Phil Jenkins
Assistant Curator, ARIZ
University of Arizona,.

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