Converting between Township/Range data and lat long

Wed Feb 22 10:42:05 CST 1995

Does anyone know if there is a program available for converting
township/range/section data to latitude and longitude for areas outside
of the western U.S. (which means Rockies and westward)?  Martin Wefald
gave me a copy of one he had developed for the USFS for the western U.S.
It gives lat and long at the sectional level, which is great for my uses.
He also said that I could make it available to others.  I shall check with
him about making it available over the Internet (copying it occasionally is
somehow different).  If you are interested in a copy, please let me know
at stipoid at

AND if you know of a program that would accomplish the same goals for other
parts of the U.S., please let me know.  As I understand it, the program was
written for the USFS so they could send out fire jumpers etc. to fires
called in on Tn/Rg/Sn.  Mary Barkworth
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