Converting township/range to lat long, 2

Tue Feb 28 09:58:11 CST 1995

Several individuals have expressed an interest in the township/range
program for the western U.S.  I spoke with Martin Wefald, the writer
of the program, and he would be happy to make it available over
internet - but his updated version, not the one I have.  He is sending
me a copy of the new one.  As soon as it arrives, I will get it posted &
use taxacom to give information on how to retrieve it.  The new version
contains Dr. Wefald's email address.  It corrects some errors that were
drawn to his attention in the earlier version; he would like to be informed
of any remaining errors so that he can correct them.  And there really
is no charge for the program.

The only other program of which I have heard is for Kansas.  It costs
$30 for shipping and handling and is available from the
Data Access and Support Center, Kansas Biological Survey,
University of Kansas, (1930 Constant
Avenue, Campus West, Lawrence, KS 66047;
email mettville at
Thank you Nick Mandrak for information about Leo.

ÿÿ    Converting township/range to lat long, 2                                õ

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