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Natural History Museum and Biological Collection WWW pages

The Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server
( would like to offer the museums and
biological collections of the world an opportunity to provide
information about their institutions to the Internet community.  Many
institutions have access to WWW servers and can themselves post data
on collection holdings, general descriptions of materials and staff
contacts or even access to collections data. For these sites, the BBC
WWW server provides links organized by taxonomic discipline (if we
have missed your institution, please let us know).  However, there are
a large number of collections without these resources and this service
is target to that group.

The BBC Web Server will provide storage and markup assistance for any
collection or museum that would like to create a "home page"
describing their collection.  Appropriate data would minimally include
taxonomic discipline(s) covered, size of the collection (with a
breakout by preparation if appropriate), strengths of geographic
coverage, type specimen holdings, important phone and fax numbers and
email and smail addresses.  Staff names, addresses and research
interests would also be useful.  If you wish to provide more
information, feel free (although if you have more than a few pages
worth of descriptions, please check with me first).  If you have
pictures (in digital form) of staff or important aspects of the
collection (or specimens), those too can be included.

A sample page for the Cornell Vertebrate collections is viewable at:

If you wish to submit data on several collections from a single
institution, please mark the sections so that the organization will be

You can submit the information in a variety of ways. Ideally, the
document should be created as a HTML (hypertext markup language) file,
ready for Web publication.  If you are interested in this approach, I
have put a pair of very nice (Windows based) HTML editors in the
/pub/software/wwwtools directory on, accessible
by anonymous FTP.

However, you can also simply submit a ASCII text file and I will
convert it to the appropriate format for presentation on the WWW.  In
either case you can send the file by email (jmh3 at, or
upload to the contributions directory on the FTP server described above.

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