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Thu Jan 5 15:57:21 CST 1995

Dear Entomology Collection Curators/Managers,

I am working on a paper on the history of the wheat stem sawfly,
and would like information of the earliest records for various parts
of North America.  Could you please check your holdings of
Cephus cinctus (Hymenoptera: Symphyta: Cephidae) to see if you
have any specimens that beat those below?  Thanks.  Any help will be
appropriately acknowledged in the paper.

Michael A.Ivie
Associate Professor and Curator
Montana State University

Date of earliest record of Cephus cinctus by State/Province

British Columbia    1947        CNC
BC, Vancouver Is.   1929        CNC
Alberta             1922        CNC
Saskatchewan        1895        Wallace & McNeal
Manitoba            1895        Wallace & McNeal
W. Ontario          1960        CNC
S. Ontario          1944        CNC
Washington          1901        Ries
Oregon              1908        Webster & Reeves
California          1890        Riley & Marlatt
Idaho               1936        Ries
Nevada              1872        Riley & Marlatt
Montana             1890        Riley & Marlatt
Wyoming             1905        Wallace & McNeal
Utah                1912        NMNH
Arizona             1937        Ries
Colorado            1872        Norton
New Mexico          1910        Ries
North Dakota        1906        Wallace & McNeal
South Dakota        1906        Wallace & McNeal
Nebraska            1915        Wallace & McNeal
Kansas              1937        Ries
Oklahoma            ?ANY RECORDS WELCOME
Minnesota           1914        Ries
Iowa                1916        NMNH
Missouri            ?ANY RECORDS WELCOME
Wisconsin           1898        Riley & Marlatt
Illinois            1930        Ries
Indiana             ?ANY RECORDS WELCOME
Ohio                1922        Ries

Any other States/Provences, records welcome


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