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Marie-Claude Lariviere LariviereM at LANDCARE.CRI.NZ
Tue Jan 10 08:57:00 CST 1995

Are there entomologists out-there using Image Analysis Systems.

I've got a $20 000 (New Zealand, i.e., +/- 10 000 US) grant to buy a

So far I have looked at Video Pro (Australian based) and I will soon
have a look at Quantimet 500+ (UK based).

I'm looking at systems using a video camera which can be set to
record colour or black and white images.

My microscope is a Wild M3Z (Kombistereo) with 2 objectives on a
sliding stage (one compound, one stereomicroscope objective) and
magnifications ranging from 6.4X to 600X.

My area of research is Heteroptera Sustematics.

I need to order the system within the next 2-3 months.

I would really appreciate receiving comments from people using such
systems; it would help me decide which one to buy.

Which one is the best [i.e., in my price range]? Pros and cons of
various (other?) systems, etc ....

Marie-Claude Lariviere
Landcare Research
Auckland, New Zealand
Email LariviereM at

Cheers, Merci,

Marie-Claude Lariviere

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