Filter out Taxacom junk-mail?

Mon Jan 9 19:41:11 CST 1995

There are two Usenet newsgroups devoted to discussion of the
software and administrative issues surrounding mailing lists: and comp.mail.list-admin.policy.

The main difference between LISTSERV and the others is that
LISTSERV costs $$, and LISTSERV runs on an IBM mainframe while
the others all run on various Unix systems (a few exceptions),
so if your institution doesn't already have LISTSERV, and you
have a Unix box, consider MAJORDOMO or LISTPROC or PROCMAIL
or others.

As I've written to Jim Beach, I am in favor of gating TAXACOM
to a moderated Usenet newsgroup, and having the "moderator"
address be the mailing list, *and* the list could be set so
that only subscribers can post.  This would provide the same
functionality to all of us that we already enjoy, plus Usenet
access for many of us, plus it would automatically filter out
(and send to Jim) misdirected subscription requests and stuff
from non-subscribers (ie, non-readers).  Jim could decide if
those additional items should be distributed to TAXACOM.

        Una Smith

Replies to group-advice at, please.

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