Q: Filter out Taxacom junk mail?

Jacqueline Soule soule at WSUAIX.CSC.WSU.EDU
Tue Jan 10 13:09:21 CST 1995

>From Jacqueline Soule  <soule at wsuaix.csc.wsu.edu>

a few misc. thoughts on filtering "junk mail":

*) it only takes me a second to hit the key to delete a message.

*) screening sounds like the first step towards censorship to me

*) it is interesting to note just who are the idiots (or merely
net.illiterates) who cant subscribe properly, and you can tease them the
national meetings

*) if the net.idiots really bug you, you could use the opportunity to
"flame" the idiots, and thereby vent yourself of any frustrations that may
otherwise be bothering you.

*) "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

*) Perhaps the best at last: The few folks who dont subscribe correctly
are not worth the delay of waiting perhaps 48 hours or more while someone
filters.  It was fantastic to be the first one in the department to know
about the "living fossil" Araucarioid found in a remote Australian gorge.
(these are the little things that help one get tenure!)

So my vote is NO FILTER!

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