Taxacom Moderating - Discussion Closed!

Jim Beach beach at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Jan 19 11:25:49 CST 1995

If I had only anticipated the enthusiasm of list members to
my query about moderating Taxacom! I have archived all of your
responses and counterpoint and will summarize next week.

The first response came back within seconds and was from the
freedom-of-speech/kill-all-the-editors side of the spectrum, the
opposite extreme was also voiced as "if Taxacom remains unmoderated
we'll have to unsubscribe because of all of the noise ..." and
every possible perspective in between has been offered.

Several useful suggestions also came back. The results soon.

Let's close the discussion on moderating Taxacom and move on
to other topics.

Thanks for your feedback.


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