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"Paisley S. Cato" <pcato at LEO.VSLA.EDU> asked:

>        $90/hour for 24 hr service
>        $10,000 for annual subscription with $1,000 set up fee
>A California museum herp division based its recovery fees on
>the number of records -- primarily to recover the cost of
>providing the data.
>Can anyone else provide actual fees requested by museums or
>other agencies?  Thanks.

Yes, here are the fees for connecting (via Internet) to the Fish
Collection database at Cornell (complete access to entire database
with searches by keyword and by QBE)

Per 24 hour period:  $0.00
Per annum:           $0.00 plus $0.00 setup fee
Per record charge:   $0.00
Map plotting charge: $0.00

Standard requests average 32 seconds. (well, close anyhow, a search
of all records of Kentucky fishes from the FishGopher participants
took 21 seconds and returned 4446 records)

Similar fees apply to the fish collection data from all FishGopher
participants (MCZ, UMMZ, FMNH, ANSP, UAIC and CU), representing
over 600,000 EO records (available at <gopher://muse.bio.cornell.edu/>).
Note: copyright restrictions apply, map plotting available only for MCZ,

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