Questions Re. Specimen Case Comparisons

George D. Baumgardner gbaumgardner at WFSCGATE.TAMU.EDU
Mon Jan 23 10:54:31 CST 1995

     In the near future I hope to solicit bids for museum cases to be used
for mammal and bird specimens.  I am interested in what have, in the
past, been referred to as 1/4 and 1/2 unit cases.  The companies, of
which I am aware, that make such cases and their model names are:
Delta - 1/4 = DDV, 1/2 = DDB; Interior Steel - 1/4 = 215, 1/2 = 220; and
Steel Fixture - 1/4 = VA, 1/2 = VB.

     Apart from some minor variation in dimensions, the pictures of these
cases look quite similar and there is little difference in the specifications
provided.  The only major difference is that Interior Steel cases are ca.
$200 to  $300 more expensive.   I have, however, been told that in a
bidding competition this price, at least in one instance, came down to
near that of the other companies.

     I am interested in your thoughts, comments, and comparisons of these
cases.  Has anyone had good or bad experiences with these products
or companies?  Can anyone suggest additional sources for cases?

     At some point, I have no idea when, I hope to make your comments
available to others.  If you do not want your comments passed on please
notify me of this in your reply.

Thank you.

George D. Baumgardner
Dept. Wildl. & Fish. Sci.
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843

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