Preprints - potential problems - reply

Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Mon Jan 30 17:45:35 CST 1995

Man, oh man.  This is the stuff detective novels are made of.  I read
your account of de Candolle, Richard and Prodromus and Rubiaceae with
eyes glued to the boob tube.
I work on spiders, but I recall getting, through Weldon and Wesley in UK,
some separates of last century spider works published in France and
Belgium.  It took me a long time to figure out what was going on.  Your
account of different pagination and year for a "preprint" or  "reprint"
versus that in the regular issue of the journal brought back all my
memories of digging efforts to solve the problem.  In some ways I am
pleased to see that the problem is not unique to spider taxonomy.

Robin Leech

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