Taxonomic Authority Work Projects

Tue Jan 31 19:39:17 CST 1995

I am involved in the planning of a workshop for 1996 which will be
jointly sponsored by various taxonomic societies, the American Library
Assocation CC:DA Task Force on Natural History Cataloging, ASIS, and the
Special Libraries Association.  It is still early in the planning
phase and we do not have a date or the money to do it yet!

One of the topics of the workshop, perahps the main one, will be
consideration of authority works and authority control from a natural
history museum perspective, particularly in the area of classification
and taxon information.  Basically we would lke to explore any conceptual
or implementation level common ground between the library the museum

I have been asked to identify projects in the biological museum community
which are actually creating and maintaining taxon and classification
information as a community resource, in printed or electronic form.  We are
primarily interested in projects that deal large groups of organisms, say
above the level of family.

I would be grateful if you are involved in such a project, if you would
send a brief e-mail message with a very short description of
your project with your name and address information.

I regret that we cannot respond to requests for more workshop information or
for invitations, we are really at a very early stage of planning.

Many thanks.  I will summarize for the Taxacom list.

Jim Beach


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