Jurassic Pine

Arthur Chapman arthur at GAEA4.ERIN.GOV.AU
Wed Jan 11 09:18:16 CST 1995

There has been a lot of interest in the Wollemi Pine - the so-called
"Jurassic Pine" about which Ken Hill put information on the server

Through the good graces of Ken and the New South Wales National Parks
and Wildlife Service, I have been able to obtain some information on
the Pine for putting on the ERIN World Wide Web.  Just look under the
What's New area under the Home Page


or go direct to:


This includes a line drawing for those interested.

Also on the ERIN What's New for December was notification of an
interesting insect find on Cape York Peninsula.

Next month there will be some information on another "Living Fossil"
discovery in the Proteaceae and some information on the rediscovery of
Gilbert's Potoroo - a small mammal thought, for over 125 years, to have
been extinct - "what is lost is found"!

As to moderation of Taxacom - it would be great to get rid of the ever
increasing "subscribe/iunsubscribe"messages, but other than that,
Taxacom seems to be remarkably free of junk compared with most other
listservers.  I suggest we just keep a watching brief for now.

regards and a happy new year to all


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