Trilliaceae rhizomes sought

Susan Farmer sfarmer at SABRE.GOLDSWORD.COM
Fri Jan 13 15:25:13 CST 1995

I am beginning a study of the Trilliaceae (Trillium & Paris (Daiswa/Kinugasa))
and am looking to obtain rhizomes of the plants that do *not* grow in the
Southern Appalachian mountains.  I am especially interested in the Asian
and European taxa.  (any and all roots *gladly* accepted).  I will be happy
to reimburse postage.  Seeds are also welcome, but a) they can't be allowed
to dry or they won't germinate, b) they won't be ready till August, and
c) Trillium takes 7+ years to flower; I don't know about Paris.

Thank you for your help.


Susan B. Farmer
sfarmer at

school: 437 Hessler Biology Building
        University of Tennessee
        Knoxville  TN  37996
   fax: 615-974-0978

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