filters, and catalog numbers

Alan Harvey aharvey at AMNH.ORG
Fri Jan 13 17:14:02 CST 1995

Is there any way to install an automated filter of sorts (macro, short
program, etc.) to flag and preferably redirect (i.e. to an otherwise
passive moderator) messages that contain certain problematic words or
phrases?  For example, any message whose contents include the word
"subscribe" has a high enough probability of being "junk mail" that it
should be screened by a moderator before general distribution.  Messages
lacking any of the "warning words" would be broadcast unmoderated, as they
are now.

Also, thanks for the many replies concerning my query on renumbering
collections.  Most responses have argued against renumbering specimens,
instead favoring the addition of an extra field into the database for
phylum and appending a phylum code to the original number.  I wonder how
many database programs are smart enough to track 30+ different automatic
numbering sequences within a single data file (our department currently
uses Alpha 4, but I think we'll be switching to, well, something else
fairly soon).

Alan Harvey


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