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Alan Harvey aharvey at AMNH.ORG
Wed Jan 18 11:56:06 CST 1995

I've noticed that replies to posted messages to the taxacom list by default
go only to the original sender, not to the group (I assume this is a
characteristic of the list itself and not of my hardware or software
because replies go to the group by default in other lists I'm on, namely
nih-image and crustaceans).  Isn't this a bit counter to the purpose of
these lists?  For one thing, I've been interested in the replies to many of
the queries posted by other people, but haven't seen them, presumably
because they were sent only to the original sender.  Also, replies to my
recent "catalog numbers" query contained diverse and often conflicting
advice, and I think it would be very useful (and not just to the original
sender) to discuss these kinds of issues as a group.  Again, isn't that the
point of this type of list?

I strongly suspect that changing the reply default from original sender to
the entire group would "stimulate more interaction and discussion on the
Taxacom list in the area of biological collections and systematics", to
borrow a phrase from Jim Beach.

Please send replies to the group, not just to me!  Except, of course, those
replies pointing out that this IS in fact a problem with my setup and NOT
the list's!)  Maybe we get some sort of consensus on this.




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