Filter out Taxacom junk-mail?

Thu Jan 19 11:30:51 CST 1995

Una Smith <una.smith at YALE.EDU>  writes:

>> As I've written to Jim Beach, I am in favor of gating TAXACOM
>> to a moderated Usenet newsgroup, and having the "moderator"
>> address be the mailing list, *and* the list could be set so
>> that only subscribers can post.

Eric J. Gouda <E.J.Gouda at> replies:

>> If you are directly connected to a UNIX server this may be a solution, but
>> what if you call once or twice a day to a popserver, using a modem, to get
>> and send your mail?

My suggestion was merely to create a Usenet newsgroup extention of
the mailing list.  It would not change how you get TAXACOM, unless
you want to change.

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