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                                                                20 January 1995

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> From: "Marie-Claude Lariviere" <LariviereM at>
> I would like to know if you can recommend a program to capture what's on my
> screen when I use INTKEY with my own data so as to send the image to a file
> and retrieve it later for use as a Figure in my paper.

I use GRABBER to capture DOS screens, and SuperClip for Windows. They are on
the Taxacom ftp server as /pub/delta/graphics/grab394.exe and sclip15 at .exe.
GRABBER superimposes its logo on the captured screens unless you register it.
There are many other screen-capture programs around on the Internet.

> From: "Eric J. Gouda" <E.J.Gouda at CC.RUU.NL>
> If you run DOS programs in a Windows box you can easily use the standard
> edit function (Mark and Paste) of Windows and insert them in any editor also
> running.

This method captures the window as text. If this text is pasted into a Windows
text editor, the box-drawing characters (used in INTKEY menus and messages) are
converted to +, |, and -. If it is pasted into the DOS EDIT program running in
a window, the box-drawing characters cause the editor to behave erratically.

To capture a Windows screen or the active window (including a DOS application
running in a Window), you can press PrintScreen or Alt+PrintScreen to copy the
screen or window to the clipboard, and then paste it into most paint programs
(but it won't work correctly with the standard Windows Paintbrush accessory).
SuperClip uses this method, but is more convenient than a normal paint program
for capturing long sequences of screens, because it pops up automatically
whenever the clipboard changes. It also has a convenient cropping mechanism
(you will probably want to crop DOS screens captured in this way, to remove the
Windows header and border).

GRABBER captures DOS text or graphics screens. Text screens can be converted to
image files (with a a choice of 4 fonts) or text files (with or without ANSI
escape sequences).

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