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Marie-Claude Lariviere LariviereM at LANDCARE.CRI.NZ
Fri Jan 20 13:56:00 CST 1995

Dear all,

Following our discussion on screen capture .... Thanks Mike, Robin
and Eric for your inputs.

This morning I didn't know how to capture INTKEY screens.

Since then, I have got myself a copy of GRABBER from the DELTA server
in Australia.

GRABBER is great ... it's easy to use and real quick. Screens are
saved to an .exe file during a INTKEY session simply by pushing 2

The advantage of .exe files is that one can look at the saved screens
simply by typing the name of the .exe file at the DOS prompt.

In addition, a simple DOS command is required (provided with GRABBER)
to convert the .exe file to a bitmap format file, for example .pcx,
which can then be picked up by most 'paint' programs.

I recommend the use of GRABBER.

If like me you're not an expert in computer imaging and so forth,
this is a quick and easy program to use.

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