fees for data

Robin Panza panzar at CLP2.CLPGH.ORG
Mon Jan 23 10:58:03 CST 1995

One suggestion that has been circulating in the ornithological community is to
calculate time spent filling a data request and multiply that by the hourly
wage of the person or people involved, then send that information to the
recipient in the form of a bill whose fee has been waived.  The idea was that
this would begin to generate the information necessary for the host institution
to begin to consider fees ("What does it cost us per quarter to process
data requests?") and to inform the recipients just what it is they are asking
of us (most requests are quite reasonable, but others are truly off-the-wall).
This would also begin to educate users of museum data (particularly users that
charge for their expertise based on others' data) and administrators that we,
the museum community, have something of value.

I have not heard of any ornithology department that has done this, nor have I
heard of one charging--yet.  I suspect it is coming, and soon.

Robin Panza
Section of Birds
Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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