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Erik Ahlander VE-ERIK at NRM.SE
Tue Jan 24 16:58:42 CST 1995

 Stephen T. Ross asks:

>      Can anyone suggest an alternative source for museum label
> paper?  We have been purchasing our label paper from University
> Products, but unfortunately the supply has finally run out.  We
> have been using 5" x 1300' continuous roll Byron Weston Resistall
> with perforations.  The labels are for alcohol preserved fishes.
> Any suggestions would be helpful.

It might be of general interest to know that there are other
label papers available outside the USA. In our museum we use a
Swedish rag paper named 'Svenskt Arkiv' which is more
'paper-like' compared with 'Byron Weston Resistall' but works
very well both in alcohol and formalin as well as for field notes.
This paper or similar papers of other brands has been used in the
fish collection at the Swedish Museum of Natural History for more
than 100 years.

Svenskt Arkiv paper is produced and sold by

Tumba Bruk AB
S-147 82 TUMBA
Phone +46 8 53069500

'Svenskt Arkiv' is available in two weights, viz. 80g/m3 and 100g/m3. We
use the lighter, because the heavier one it has a tendency to cause
paper jam in printers, and has a coarser writing surface. *As far
as I know* 'Svenskt Arkiv' is marketed only in A4 size.

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