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Margriet Wetherwax margriet at UCJEPS.HERB.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Jan 24 08:42:09 CST 1995

Please post the following announcement as soon as possible:


     Have you found any typographical errors or minor substantive errors in
The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California (J. Hickman, ed.)?  If so,
the Jepson editors would be grateful to receive your input before April 1,
1995 to aid in production of the next printing of the The Jepson Manual
(1st edition).  Corrections that change pagination cannot be considered for
incorporation in the next printing (but see below).  Any substantive
corrections that require editorial judgement should be accompanied with
documentation (e.g., literature or voucher citation).  Please send your
corrections to Bruce Baldwin, Curator of the Jepson Herbarium, 1001 Valley
Life Sciences Bldg. #2465, University of California, Berkeley, CA
94720-2465.  e-mail communication of your corrections can be sent to
jepson at  Thank you!!

     In preparation for production of a more extensively revised 2nd
edition of The Jepson Manual, the Jepson editors would also greatly
appreciate any documented corrections of more substantial errors or
problems in the Manual.  All corrections that would change pagination of
the Manual fall under this category.  To aid editorial procedures, please
segregate any corrections of this type under separate heading from
typographical and other minor corrections discussed in the previous
paragraph.  These corrections can be sent to the same address given above.

Thank you,

Margriet Wetherwax
Jepson Herbarium

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