NHCOLL-L Natural History Collections Discussion

Alexandra M. Snyder AMSNYDER at BOOTES.UNM.EDU
Tue Jan 24 13:56:00 CST 1995

Questions regarding paper, jars, lids and so forth might be better addressed
in a new listserv, "Natural History Collections listserv" managed by
Paula M. Sumpter (ps at mpm1.mpm.edu).  To subscribe:
              1.  Send email message to:  listproc at ucmp1.berkeley.edu
              2.  in the text field, type: SUBSCRIBE NHCOLL-L followed
                  by your full name.

To post messages:  send to NHCOLL-1 at UCMP1.BERKELEY.EDU

Again, if you have questions regarding supplies and materials used
in museum collections, post them to this listserv.  Many of the people
who HAVE to think of such supplies are the collections managers and
graduate students put in charge of collections---large and small---who
may be more inclined to be subscribed to NHCOLL-L.  Try it.

Alexandra M. Snyder
Collections Manager
Division of Fishes
Museum of Southwestern Biology
University of New Mexico
email:  amsnyder at bootes.unm.edu

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