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Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Wed Jan 25 15:26:46 CST 1995

I would like to explore the level of community interest in
and capability for real time Internet based video conferencing.  In
particular I would like to ask two specific questions:

1.  Do you currently have the hardware necessary to participate
    in videoconferencing? (Note: Unix, Windows and Mac machines can all
    participate)  I will go into software details in a later message.

    Necessary Equipment:
        Videocamera, virtually any sort will do if it has video out
        Frame grabber (video input board) (except for some Mac
                cameras, e.g. Quickcam, which don't need them)
        Audio capability (sound board and mike, built into most Macs)
        Internet connectivity at >= 56k (minimum)

2.  Would you be interested in videoconferencing?  Suggested topics
    include (but certainly are not limited to):

        Specimen identification (real time, through a scope if needed)
        K-12 science education (students meet experts on the Internet)
        Multiperson document preparation and review
        Small (< 8 persons) committee meetings
        "Social" gatherings

Please reply by email to jmh3 at if you have interest in these
topics and might be interested in participating in videoconferencing
tests. Please include some indication of whether you currently have the
equipment needed to participate.  I would note that the basic entry point
for Macs starts at around $100, around $300 for PC's.  Unix machines
are likely to be more expensive unless they have these capabilities
built in (e.g. Indys). I will summarize the responses in one week.

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