Beaucarnea gloriosa

Marco_Bleeker mbleeker at EURONET.NL
Fri Jan 27 22:00:09 CST 1995

>Dear David,
>I checked the Index Kewensis on CD-rom for you, and Beaucarnea is an existing
>genus, but the species name gloriosa isn't in the Index.

  Hi Martin, hope Davids gets this too (don't have his adress):

  Some (or all) Beaucarneas are also known as NOLINA. At least Nolina
recurvata was formerly known as Beaucarnea recurvata amongst
houseplant-lovers. This species is mostly sold as baby-plants with a bulb of
5 cm or so, but I think it can grow a few meters wide.

  Bye, Marco

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