Zoanthids information

Carolina Bastidas Gonzales cbastida at USB.VE
Thu Jan 26 14:06:22 CST 1995

D>Dear Colleagues:

> I am looking for keys or good descriptions about zoanthids, specially
> of the Caribbean species of Palythoa. Is the taxonomy of zoanthids so
> poor?. More exactly, I am interested in differences between
> P. mammillosa and P. caribaeorum, which have been tanken as synonimous
> by some authors.
> I would appreciate any help you make at this respect.
> Thank you in advance,
> Carolina Bastidas
> Apdo. 89000 INTECMAR
> Caracas 1080, Venezuela
> Fax: 582-9063416
> E-mail: cbastida at usb.ve

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