saving gopher searches

Gary Shugart gshugart at UPS.EDU
Tue Jan 3 11:05:47 CST 1995

A problem in using gopher for museum catalogs is in downloading results of
the searches.  I thought each item retreived had to be opened then mailed
or saved.   A query with multiple hits is a pain to save.  I sent out a
query a while back asking for work arounds.  There was little response
except to use Julian Humphries/MUSE system which appears to the best way to
go.  However, in reading the gopher directions, I noticed an option:

S : Save current list of items to a file.

In trying the option, I found that the entire line of data was saved
although many lines had been truncated on the screen.  Thus, a computerized
catalog with minimal/core data on one line, even though truncated on the
screen, will allow a user to download the entire list with all data.  I've
tried the cap S on UNIX and VMS clients with success.  I don't know what
the lenght of line limit is.  TurboGopher (MAC) does not appear to have the

To make the best use of this feature, gopher catalogs could be structure
with all the data on one line.  Data that are truncated can also be placed
on additional lines allowing the user to open each record to view all the

Gary Shugart, Museum of Natural History, University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, WA USA, gshugart at, 206 756-3356

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