Q: Filter out Taxacom junk mail?

Jim Beach beach at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Jan 9 08:38:26 CST 1995

I have noticed, as many of you have, that we are receiving an increased
amount of 'junk mail' on the Taxacom mailing list.  This mostly takes the
form of new users sending 'subscribe me' messages to the Taxacom list
address (taxacom at cmsa.berkeley.edu) instead of to the Listserv itself
(listserv at cmsa.berkeley.edu).

I would like know how Taxacom subscribers feel about the possibility of
'moderating' the Taxacom mailing list.  Moderating is Listserv jargon
meaning that all incoming mail to Taxacom would be screened before being
to subscribers.  The filtering would eliminate obvious junk messages having
to do with subscriptions to the list as well as things like personal mail
from one list subscriber to another, or the occasional accidental posting to
the list when a personal reply was intended. This editorial function is
applied to many other listerv lists for the same reasons.

On a moderated list, a Taxacom contributor would receive an immediate, automatic
acknowledgement from the Listserv software.  We would take a quick look at
the message, verify that it wasn't junk mail and then pass it on to the
list.  The down side to moderating a list is that mail would be subject to a
delay of a few hours, a day or perhaps a weekend, until the time that we
could look at it and forward it to the list.  The sender's name and e-mail
address would still be in the mail header.

I would like to stimulate more interaction and discussion on the Taxacom
list in the area of biological collections and systematics, and wonder if a
little editorial effort applied to the list to eliminate careless and
accidental postings would improve it's overall value to subscribers.

Looking for your opinions ....

Jim Beach

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