Q: Filter out Taxacom junk mail?

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Jan 9 10:32:30 CST 1995

Either I am not receiving all of the Taxacom messages (but, I
believe that I am), or your tolerance level for "junk mail" is
_extremely_ low. I have not noticed that the level of junk mail on
Taxacom merits the effort to "moderate" it, nor does it merit the
usual delays in posting a moderated message.

I don't believe that moderating the list will affect (increase) the
overall value of the list regarding its biosystematics and collections
content. More contributions about biosystematics and collections will
do that.

There really aren't that many "unsubscribe me" messages (and they are
usually short and often easily identified [and deletable before reading]
by their subject lines).

Once you get into "moderating" what appear to be "personal"
messages of other types, you get into the morass of becoming judge and
jury about whether a certain message "merits" full distribution or
personal redirection.  The problems (anger/animosity/miscalculations)
that arise from this can more than offset the small benefit of
filtering "junk."

While "many other listservs" may be moderated (I think that
proportionately, very few listservs are moderated), none of the dozen
or so heavily subscribed and active biological listservs that I
subscribe to are moderated.  They all get the occasional "unsubscribe"
and other "junk" mail, including the occasional complaints about these
"off-subject" messages. They also get just as many counter-complaints
regarding opinions that much of the off-subjects are _not_ off-subject,
indicating that what's "off" is often in contention among list subscribers.

I vote no moderation. Better to spend the time tossing occasional lit
matches into the darkened (Taxacom) room if you want to try to
brighten/enliven the scene.

Thanks for offering though; what a crummy job is moderation!

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