Q: Filter out Taxacom junk mail?

Moritz, Tom tmoritz at CASMAIL.CALACADEMY.ORG
Mon Jan 9 11:40:04 CST 1995

          I may be mistaken, but I believe the former LISTSERV at
          Harvard (for TAXACOM) had a "filter" which recognized
          subscribe/unsubsubscribe messages sent directly to the
          LIST.  I have not seen that feature on other LISTs but
          assumed either it was a feature of the version of the
          LISTSERV software being used OR that Harvard had done some
          supplemental work on the software?

          If such a filter is possible (and apparently it is) it's
          a good alternative to moderation.  It spares the LIST the
          necessity of deleting those messages (which by the way, seem
          to be chronic problems on all LISTs) and it also spares the
          sender the embarassment of advertizing their novice
          status (or mindlessness).

          As an aside, I have been in communication with the producers
          of the LISTSERV software and have been unsuccessful in
          getting a comparative summary of the various versions of
          LISTSERV software and of the differences in command
          features/ software functions between versions.  (There is
          also, LISTPROC software and some others apparently.  If any
          one is a aware of a good summary comparison -- I would
          appreciate knowing about it.  Otherwise, we may take on
          the task of creating one here at CAS Library...)

          Tom Moritz
          California Academy of Sciences
          San Francisco

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