queries on rank; the nature of TAXACOM

p stevens p_stevens at NOCMSMGW.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Jan 10 13:21:50 CST 1995

I have two (related) queries over which I would appreciate assistance:

1.  Does anybody know of a reference where it is stated that the smaller the
genera, the more features they will have in common?  It doesn't matter
whether the ref. is botanical or zoological.  I seem to remember hearing
about such a statement - perhaps by C. Bremekamp, but I didn't take the
reference, and it was twenty years ago...

2.  More current: references to statements (by evolutionary-inclined folks)
that cladistic studies use only a few characters compared to evolutionary

Finally, re the recent call for a fine-grained editing of taxacom - I would
argue, most emphatically NO.  Sure, requests to subscribe or unsubscribe can
be weeded out, but nothing else.  So please don't, Jim!

 Peter Stevens (p_stevens at nocsmgw.harvard.edu).

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