Susan Farmer sfarmer at SABRE.GOLDSWORD.COM
Fri Jan 13 14:17:15 CST 1995

>  Regarding Jim Beach's suggesting for some sort of filter for Taxacom
>messages, I feel that occasional "subcribe/unsubscribe" messages are not the
>big problem.  More useful would be subject categories that we could all choose
>from.  E.g., I am a plant systematist and am not interested in meetings, job
>advertisements, or queries from malacologists or entomologists, etc., unless
>they are of a general nature.

What several of the lists (and newsgroups) that I subscribe to do it to
have the first few characters of the header/title be a code for the message
type.  For this list you could have: BOT (plant systematics), ZOO (zoological
systematics), JOB, MTG, etc.

Just a thought.


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